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  1. Agita Šteinberga


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  3. Artist’s Statement (for DRAWinternational Artist residency in Caylus, France)

    Agita Steinberga, Latvia

          I am still learning to speak in language of art. To speak with myself and the viewer through my artwork. I am trying to incarnate in my art all what I am feeling, so that the viewer can feel it without any explanation. To make my artwork radiate all what I have put in it.

        Recently I am interesting about relationship between existing and visible, existing and invisible and nonexistent, but sensate. I am trying to make dimensional more dimensional. Connect delicate and sensitive with Latvian's characteristic monumentality and roughness.

       Mostly I am working with metal tubes or metal armature, using it like three dimensional lines into space. These are like drawings made without paper, but into space.

       Process is very important. It is like conversation with myself, it is also mostly joy, a way how to feel the world. Sometimes welding is like meditation for me.

      My last works are called  Borders. I am working not only with and about physical borders, but even more kind of mental borders in human mind.

       Border is a place where the earth ends and the sky begins, where one person ends and the other starts, two energies and auras met. This moment, phenomenon as a border is full of mystic, suprises and unexpected events.

        Important is the space around the sculpture, it split the space. But through my sculpture I am trying to incarnate all around.


        One of the reasons why I am in DRAWinternational is the concept of nature observe. I wanna feel the nature, listen into the silence, see the rocks moving...It's about beeing in the nature. I would like be inspired from the place. The idea is to make nature more visible through  the works I am going to create in Caylus. Also advance my personal artistic skills.

      While beeing an intern in the residency I am interrested into getting skills into administration, curating and installing exhibitions and open studio events, runing a gallery, communication to the public, open discussions. I am sure these skills will be very useful for the future.

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